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Timewise Power Part Time List 2017


2017 Power Part Time List?Timewise has just revealed its latest Power Part Time Top 50 – an annual roll call of individuals who work part-time at the very top of business. The aim of the list is to end workplace prejudice, by proving that there’s no limit to how high you can climb whilst working part-time. You just find ways to work smarter.

What’s more, over half the business leaders in this year’s list were actually hired into their role on a part-time basis. That’s a far cry from the first list five years ago, when nearly all the winners had switched to part-time working after getting established in the job. So it looks like flexible hiring is taking off – even at very senior levels. Employers are becoming increasingly creative in their strategies to attract the best talent, opening up to new ways of working from the point of recruitment.

Rise in job shares

Another interesting feature of this year’s list is the number of senior job shares – nine of them in total. People who need long term flexibility are pairing up to form ‘career job share partnerships’, sticking together to apply for promotions and even for completely new jobs. And employers are increasingly accepting this – research by Timewise shows that more than 2 in 5 hirers will now consider recruiting job shares at senior levels.

Ones to watch category

The Power Part Time List is not just about very senior roles. This year a new award category, the Ones to Watch sponsored by EY, shines a spotlight on ten people in the middle of their careers. These individuals are role models for climbing the career ladder whilst working part-time. They’re proving that part time can be successful in hands-on management roles, and that it needn’t put a brake on your ambition.

Challenging part-time prejudice

The Power Part Time List has always had two basic aims:

  • to provide inspiration and hope for all people who need to work part-time, at all stages of their career, by showing that it’s possible right at the top
  • to prove to employers that part-time working is not a barrier to business success, by showcasing part-timers who are smashing their targets, leading huge teams and driving innovation.



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