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Hire Me My Way launches to ‘fix the jobs market’


Karen Mattison, Joint CEO of Timewise, introduces the Hire Me My Way campaign

We’re really proud to be launching our new campaign, Hire Me My Way. Its aim is to create a fairer jobs market for millions of people who can’t work a traditional full-time job.

Karen MattisonAt present, people who want flexibility are at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for new jobs. This is what I experienced 10 years ago. Research highlights that 79% of people searching for part-time or flexible jobs feel this market is broken. Although more than half of us work part-time or flexibly, only 10% of job ads offer this. The market is still confused and challenging for those of us who want a part-time or flexible job. This is why we’ve set-up Hire Me My Way, to give a voice to the thousands of us who want a better, fairer jobs market. We want to show this huge demand to employers and persuade them that they need to be open and clear about flexibility at the point of hire.

As experts in flexibility, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with you to help you get the job YOU want. But while we do this we also want to help you right now. Not only can you sign-up to the campaign, Hire Me My Way is also a source of advice, hints and tips to help you navigate the flexible job market. For example, you can send off to get our free guide to getting a part-time or flexible job, in which we share our knowledge to give you the best advice based on our own experiences.

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