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Here at Remploy, we promote a good work-life balance and encourage all kinds of flexible working. Many of our colleagues work part time or flexibly; this is especially important as a high proportion of colleagues have a disability or health condition. We’re happy to consider flexible working for any job if requested. So don’t be afraid to ask, we can’t promise to agree to every request, but we’ll do our best to meet your needs and we won’t judge you for asking.


Remploy offers flexible working; it’s helped me to manage my disabilities and remain in work.I need flexibility for my health

Case Study: Jane, Administrator, Remploy HQ (Leicester)

Before Remploy, I had a successful career in retail management for 30 years. But after being diagnosed with cancer and at the same time needing a knee replacement, I needed time off work for treatment. My employer was inflexible and unsupportive. I felt isolated, let down and insecure in my job which I eventually left.

After 5 years of unemployment, recovering and caring for my dying parents, I wanted to return to work. I had lots to offer but needed flexibility due to my rheumatoid arthritis – I prefer a late start as it takes me a while to get going and I don’t sleep well due to the pain. This seemed to be a barrier for many employers which was frustrating.

The jobcentre referred me to Remploy who gave me confidence and motivation and helped me learn new skills. In March 2014 I was thrilled to be offered the job of administrator at Remploy’s head office in Leicester!

At first I worked part-time; from 10am until 2pm each day. But then we adjusted my start to 10.30am to support me better. It went so well that I was promoted to senior administrator, managing a team of 4, increasing my hours to 29 per week.

This year, I discovered I have chronic kidney disease which means attending hospital appointments. I am able to flex my hours to accommodate this. I can also start later when I’m struggling.

I’m thankful that Remploy offers flexible working; it’s helped me to manage my disabilities and remain in work. I’ve never taken time off sick. My disabilities don’t impact my day to day job which I love – work gives me a purpose and helps me through the pain barrier.

I’m open about my daily challenges and ask for support. There’s no impact to the business as the team supports any flexibility required at short notice. I feel a valued member of Remploy and am ready to face the challenges ahead.

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