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We stand out as an employer of choice for many reasons – our unique challenges, our great stories and the brilliant things we do.

However, we also stand out for our commitment to flexible working. At Atkins, we’re passionate about helping our people to advance their career and achieve a good work/life balance. So, as well as full-time hours, we offer all kinds of flexible working options during the recruitment process – such as part time, term-time and home working to suit different circumstances.


PrintI hope I can be a flexible working mentor or inspire others to take this option

Julianne Antrobus, Nuclear Director

I joined Atkins five years ago when I had one child. I started out working a 30-hour contract over four days each week and had a second child two years after joining. I have a senior leadership role, a young family and lots of overseas travel – flexible working allows me to keep a balance. It hasn’t stopped me progressing. Since joining Atkins, I’ve been promoted to my current role as a senior director on the nuclear lead team. It’s testimony to Atkins that they’ve supported me throughout my career. They get the best out of me; I know I’ve got the support.

It’s sometimes very hard to ask for flexible hours. But if you don’t ask you won’t get. It’s up to you to make it happen. I was bold enough to say that I needed the flexible working arrangement. Atkins wanted me to work the four days and not burn myself out. So don’t be afraid to have the conversation – Atkins is an organisation that will listen, look at the options and see what’s feasible. Employees are our most important asset. And that sentiment cascades down to my team. I hope I can be a flexible working mentor or inspire others to take this option.

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