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Let’s have fair job opportunities for people who need flexibility

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all find work that allows us to accomplish all the other things we need to do in our lives? If we could contribute our skills and talents at work, but with some control over when and where we do the job?

That’s what the Hire Me My Way campaign is about. There are limits of course – employers have needs too, and agreeing flexible working is always a matter of give and take.

But at the moment, there are so few part-time and flexible jobs available that people who need them are unfairly disadvantaged in the job market.

Our goal: 1 million part-time or flexible jobs

Hire Me My Way aims to get hundreds of Britain’s biggest employers to back our campaign and open up more of their jobs to flexibility at the point of hire. Our goal is for one million part-time or flexible jobs to be advertised annually in the UK, by 2020. That’s about three times the current level.

End years of disadvantage

Although people can request flexible working in their current job, they often get stuck in that role and can’t move up within the organisation, or find a new job with the same flexibility.

And if you ever lose or leave a part-time or flexible job, it’s incredibly difficult to find another one at the same level.

The shortage of jobs advertised with part-time or flexible hours is holding millions of us back in our careers. It stops us from switching jobs or applying for promotion, or even from working at all.

And it’s time for change. We’re calling on all people who don’t want a rigid full time job to add your voice to the Hire Me My Way campaign. Together, we’ll send a strong message calling for change from employers.

Speak up! Employers are listening

The more people who join our campaign, the more we can get employers to listen. Many employers already recognise the business benefits of offering flexible working to existing staff. We’re beginning to persuade them that the next step is opening up to flexibility at the point of hire, to attract the best talent and improve diversity. We’re also talking to employers about looking at their existing flexible workers, and ensuring that they get fair opportunities for promotion.

Will you join us?

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About us

The Hire Me My Way campaign is led by Timewise, a multi-award winning social business. Everything we do is driven by our founding vision – that ‘everyone should be able to find the flexibility they need in their job, without losing their value in the workplace.’

Led by founders Karen Mattison MBE and Emma Stewart MBE, Timewise is working to build a healthy flexible jobs market by:

The Hire Me My Way campaign is our latest venture. We hope it will have a far-reaching effect, and transform the flexible jobs market.

Big Lottery Fund logo

The Big Lottery Fund supports the Hire Me My Way campaign to achieve the positive social impact that comes from part-time and flexible jobs being readily available. Having flexible working available at the point of hire helps parents and carers, people with disabilities, older workers, people with health issues, and many other groups.


54% of employees work flexibly – CIPD Employee Outlook report on Commuting and Flexible Working, 2016
Only 8.7% of jobs paid £20,000 or more (full time equivalent) are advertised with part-time or flexible options – Timewise Flexible Jobs Index
1.5 million trapped in low-paid part-time work – How Flexible Hiring Could Improve Business Performance and Living Standards, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2016
400k people can’t work unless they can find flexible work – as above


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